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We help you get you to the root cause of your symptoms with functional lab testing so you can bring your body back to balance—without a restrictive diet or wasting your money on random supplements.

Let me guess... your bloodwork came back normal, yet you don't feel "normal."

That’s because traditional blood tests fail to identify what functional lab testing can: the root cause of issues experienced by so many women.

What traditional medicine does identify typically gets prescribed medications that only suppress—not heal—your symptoms.

Functional lab testing can help pinpoint imbalances for those experiencing:

- Low energy

- Symptomatic digestion / gut issues like bloating, constipation, acid reflux

- Poor thyroid function


- Endometriosis

- Painful and / or irregular periods

- Infertility

- Skin issues like acne, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea

- Chronic headaches

- Insulin resistance / type 2 diabetes

- Joint pain

- High cholesterol

- High blood pressure

- Autoimmune conditions

- Unexplained weight gain / difficulty losing weight

- Anxiety, ADHD, depression

You're not crazy. Your symptoms are not all in your head.

Your body wants to heal.

Here's Why You Might Feel Stuck:

You're following a plan or program that isn't addressing YOUR individual needs.

Following diet plans, workout programs, and supplement routines that aren’t created for YOU can put your body into even more of a deficit & can be a waste of time [and money]. We use a science-backed approach to nutrition & supplements and utilize your functional lab results to choose the best plan of action to support your body and meet your health goals.

You're focused on fixing symptoms instead of deep healing.

Period problems? Chronic fatigue regardless of how much sleep you get? Bloating, gas, sluggish digestion? Infertility? Your symptoms are a red flag of unresolved issues. It’s a sign from your body that something needs attention. We’ll use functional labs to give you a clear, easy to understand perspective of what’s going on with your minerals, adrenals, thyroid, gut, hormones, and more. 

You're stuck in survival mode.

If you feel like you are doing all the “right things,” with your diet, exercise, supplements, and still struggling— chances are you’re on the stress cycle. This makes it difficult to lose stubborn fat, leads to inflammation, blood sugar issues, and can hinder your healing. You’ll discover how to fix this & reach that breakthrough you’ve been looking for.

You've been heavily influenced by the billion dollar diet culture industry, which preys on women like us.

Intermittent fasting, keto, plant-based / vegan, no fruit, quit this food, don’t eat that, only eat 1200 calories a day–  that just ain’t it. Diets that promise dramatic weight loss in a short amount of time get you there by sacrificing YOUR HEALTH and 90% of people gain back that weight and then some. Demonizing God-given foods like animal protein, or fruit, or restricting calories to a point where your metabolism can barely even function– ain’t it. 

Hi, I'm Margaret!

I’m a holistic nutritionist  and root cause protocol consultant with a passion for helping women restore their hormones and improve their metabolisms through nutrition, functional labs & lifestyle changes.

 I was the girl put on birth control at age 16 for painful periods & acne. When I quit 10 years later to try to get pregnant, my hormones were a wreck.

I spent years chasing symptoms like irregular periods, unexplained miscarriages, digestive issues, anxiety, low energy & painful periods.

Like many of you, I've tried every diet, cleanse in an effort to heal my health struggles & wasted my hard earned money on supplements that I had no idea whether or not they’d help me.

I was determined to heal. My unrelenting pursuit of answers gave me the tools needed to help others heal for good and turned my obsession for health into a career.

I've had the honor of coming alongside hundreds of women who are searching for answers. I've helped them transform their relationship with food, and restore their metabolism, so they can get back the energy to show up for the things that matter most.

"I just wanted to say THANK YOU! I know I still have more ways to improve but I am feeling so good! I kept telling my family and friends, I feel good inside! My dad is a chiropractor and historically I would be desperate to get to the next adjustment and need a lot of "work." The past few times I've gone he's been very impressed how little I need as well as how I've held my adjustment. I think this is a true testament to finally being able to say I feel good inside! I just am so thankful for you, the content you share, the labs that validate my feeling

- Suzanne G.


the collective

A 6 month program where you step into a healed metabolism, balance your hormones, and take back control of your body through functional lab testing, 1:1 support, education, and a lifestyle reset.

Here's how it works:

Step 1

We don't just guess, we test.

You will mail in a hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA) to assess your body's mineral levels and presence of heavy metals. You'll also mail in a GI MAP Microbial Stool Test.

Once your results are in, we will review them, create a personalized plan and send you a recorded screen share review of your results via secure email.

Step 2

Metabolism Reset

Dieting ends here. You'll step into a nourished and fueled mindset with high-quality nutrients, minerals, how to balance your blood sugar & eat for a healthy gut & balanced hormones.

These are nutrition principles that you can use and apply with your entire family - no more restriction or diet extremes!

Step 3

Drainage & Detox Support

Ensuring that your drainage pathways are open and toxins and estrogen can clear the body is a key step to having balanced hormones & healthy digestion.

You'll learn how to implement important detox habits into your routine, and we'll discuss what supplements, if necessary, may be beneficial to give your body extra support.

Step 4

Thriving Hormones

Want to be the boss of your body and not get knocked down by your menstrual cycle? Ready to step into energy, stable moods, recover your libido & feel like yourself again?

Remember, balanced hormones are a byproduct of a well supported gut, minerals, healthy adrenals & thyroid, a low tox environment.

This step is where you make this a lifestyle - so you can stop missing out on the things most important to you.

The Breakdown:

self led curriculum

We believe education is a cornerstone to health and want to empower you to have confidence in caring for your body & overall health moving forward. Includes lifetime access to online learning modules, worksheets, monthly educational workshops on zoom, PDF's, plus access to future content added to the learning portal.

coaching calls

Every month we have a monthly workshop on zoom with a Q & A at the end of the call, plus we have monthly office hours on zoom where you can book a private time slot to ask questions & get further support.

1:1 support &

comm unity

You'll have direct access to Margaret who will take you through your labs, protocols, check ins, answer questions you have, so you get the support you need. Our group chat is accessible in our app where you can celebrate your wins, ask questions & connect with women on the same journey.

Payment Options:

  • HTMA (mineral test) & GI MAP (gut test) included! (Valued at $450)

  • Custom protocol updated monthly for 6 months based on YOUR lab results

  • Monthly recipe guides

  • Monthly live workshops on zoom

  • In app fitness programming

  • Online learning modules with lifetime access

  • Community & 1:1 support in a private app

  • Monthly office hours on zoom

Pay in full: $2497 (save $176!)

6 monthly payments: $447

9 monthly payments: $297

Enrollment closed until August 2023!

Bonus #1

Hair Mineral Analysis (HTMA)

This test is valued at $99 and included in your tuition. We use this preventative screening tool to assess your body's mineral levels and presence of heavy metals.

Minerals affect blood sugar, digestion, hormone production, energy levels, your mental health, adrenals & thyroid, and so much more.

This test can give an early warning to a more chronic issue well before bloodwork can.

Bonus #2

GI MAP Stool Test

This gut test is valued at $350 and included in your tuition. It evaluates your microbiome for presence of bacteria infections, parasites, measures your intestinal health, and gives data that shows how your immune system is doing.

When your gut microbiome is not well supported it impacts things like blood sugar, mental health, hormones including your fertility, your skin, your weight and of course the not so fun digestive issues.

Bonus #3

Recipe Guides & Meal Plans Galore

Access our online library with meal plans, recipe guides, brand recommendations, shopping lists, and more.

Bonus #4

Fueled & Free App

You'll have access to our private app where you can receive custom fitness programming (not required), an online recipe library, log your food (not required), privately message Margaret, and access our community.

The community is a great place to crowd source, share your wins, and connect with other women who are also on a health journey.

Bonus #5

Monthly Zoom Workshops & Office Hours

Join in on our monthly zoom workshops on various wellness topics, including expert guest speakers, and monthly office hours where you can book a time slot to speak with Margaret on zoom, in private.

Here's What You'll Learn:


Balancing blood sugar, understanding how your metabolism works, intentional nourishment & eating enough calories are crucial cornerstones to your health. We spend time unlearning harmful diet culture practices & learn how to truly tune in on our own metabolisms.

Pro-metabolic nutrition

In this module I break down each macronutrient: protein, carbs & fat. I empower you with knowledge on nutrition that supports female physiology and the foods that suppress metabolic function. You'll access recipe guides, brand recommendations, and best of all feel satisfied and fueled.


Drainage & Detox

Supporting your body's drainage systems (cells, organs, tissues, lymphatic system, liver & bile ducts, colon) is crucial for having healthy digestion, clear skin, optimal energy, balanced hormones and a vibrant metabolism. You'll discover practical ways to support these systems that you can implement into everyday life.

Vitamins, Minerals & Metabolism

A body that is depleted in essential vitamins & minerals has a direct impact on hormones, gut health, mood, energy, weight and more. You'll learn how to incorporate essential nutrients into your diet, and which ones to consider supplementing. so that you feel your best.

Hormones 101

In this module you'll gain a full understanding of how your hormones work, root causes of hormonal imbalances, how to support your body post birth control, guidance on stopping birth control, natural ways to support fertility, supporting your adrenals and thyroid health, troubleshooting your period, a cycle syncing workshop and more.

Low Tox Lifestyle

This module is all about creating a metabolically supportive lifestyle. We cover the importance of proper hydration, water filtration, low tox living, sunlight / light therapy, creating a stress reduction routine, sleep hygiene and I share some of my favorite biohacking tools for optimal energy & wellness.

Frequently asked questions:

Some of our clients wins...

"Margaret helped me recover my hormones after years on birth control, regulate my cycle, and has equipped me with so many tools! I have more energy, better focused at work & less anxiety!"

  • - Morgan B.

Red flags your metabolism

needs some love...

Digestive issues

Bloating, acid reflux, gas, constipation, difficulty digesting certain foods is not only annoying & frustrating, it's also not normal. Evaluating your body's mineral status, thyroid health, and gut microbiome (via a stool test) can help piece together why you're experiencing certain symptoms. In The Collective, we will help you do that so you can get back to eating the foods you love, without pesky symptoms.

Period problems

Does your period knock you down every month? Mood swings, cravings, cramps, brain fog, fatigue, bloating-- you'll discover the strategies and action plan to make your period problems a thing of the past. While your doctor may tell you that your only solution is birth control, you can have hope in knowing that PMS doesn't have to be your story forever!

Hormonal issues

PCOS, endometriosis, fibroids, an irregular cycle-- these are all signs of a struggling metabolism. There's ALWAYS a root cause for hormone issues, we will help you get real answers using data from functional labs, and an action plan to address YOUR imbalances and inflammation.

Struggling mental health

Anxiety, depression, ADHD are the most commonly diagnosed disorders in children and adults in the U.S. These disorders are REAL and can be extremely debilitating, and often are exacerbated by things like nutrient deficiencies, blood sugar imbalances, and gut inflammation. Let's get you answers on WHY you feel the way that you do, and make an action plan to support your mind and body.


Conceiving and carrying a healthy baby to full term requires more than just ovulation and getting busy in the bedroom. Unfortunately infertility rates are on the rise and most women are left to figure it out on their own OR choose costly and exhausting infertility treatments. While The Collective can't guarantee the outcome you want, we will help you find answers and evaluate important aspects of supporting fertility including nutrition, blood sugar, gut health, thyroid health, reducing toxic load and more.

Chronic Fatigue

Exhausted no matter how much sleep you get? Need caffeine to get through the day? Lack of energy is a major red flag and common to see in those who had the covid-19 virus. Deficiencies in certain minerals massively impact the two glands in your body that regulate energy: adrenals and thyroid. Let's get you back to feeling like yourself again so you can show up for the things that are most important to you.

Thyroid Problems

Thyroid disease impacts over 20 million Americans and 60 percent are unaware of their condition. Symptoms of struggling thyroid function include low libido, hair loss, weight gain, fatigue, insomnia, dry skin, brain fog. Unfortunately those who do get diagnosed, often don't feel much improvement from thyroid medication. The HTMA (hair tissue mineral analysis) is especially helpful in assessing your body's mineral levels, as certain minerals can massively impact how your cells utilize thyroid hormone. You'll learn the right nutrients to prioritize, lifestyle habits to implement, and ways to improve your thyroid health.

Unexplained Weight Gain

While it can be tempting to just eat less / exercise more, or join the latest fad diet program, the statistics are STAGGERING of how many end up regaining lost weight (and then some). Not only is this frustrating but it's very stressful on your metabolism! Many aspects of your metabolism can impact your weight including: nutrient deficiencies, gut inflammation, blood sugar, thyroid health, stress levels. The Collective is not a weight loss program, but we will show you what you need to do to heal your metabolism so that weight loss is much more sustainable, and give guidance on sustainable weight loss.

You were on Hormonal Birth Control

While hormonal birth control may be a necessary choice, it depletes many essential vitamins and minerals, can lead to gut inflammation such as leaky gut, gut dysbiosis and disrupt thryoid function. With functional labs, targeted nutrition and lifestyle changes we can help you recover from the not so fun side effects of hormonal birth control. If pregnancy is not something you're ready for, we have strategies and guidance to help you learn how to track your cycle!

Peri-Menopause / Menopausal Rollercoaster

The hormonal fluctuations that happen as we age can be rough, but you don't need to be a prisoner to your symptoms!! As we age our nutrient needs change, and finding the right balance of estrogen, progesterone and testosterone can be tricky and confusing. Mood swings, hot flashes, low libido, weight gain don't have to be your story forever. We use a root cause focused approach to uncover YOUR imbalances, nourish your body for longevity and best of all, help you age with ease.

Skin issues

Acne, rosacea, eczema, skin rashes are a sign of inflammation on the inside. A few things are linked to skin inflammation including sluggish liver detoxification, gut dysbiosis, depleted minerals, and thyroid hormone production. Most medications are simply masking a deeper issue, will not heal your skin and are likely to cause further imbalances in your body. Functional labs are a great way to uncover the WHY behind your struggling skin and we can help you take the steps to start the healing process.

Stop trying to "diy" your health...

No more googling. No more crowdsourcing your friends or scrolling social media for the latest gimmick, cleanse or fad program.

This 6 month program is designed to help you rediscover the healthiest, strongest, most vibrant version of yourself. 

Together, we dig in and uncover YOUR gut imbalances, your mineral deficiencies, your hormonal struggles, using functional lab testing, education + empowerment, food & fitness and a lifestyle reset.


This is your place to find happy hormones, a healed gut, and a healthy metabolism.

Enrollment closed until August 2023!

Fueled & Free Nutrition

Payment Options:

  • HTMA (mineral test) & GI MAP (gut test) included! (Valued at $450)

  • Custom protocol updated monthly for 6 months based on YOUR lab results

  • Monthly recipe guides & meal plan

  • Monthly live workshops on zoom

  • Custom fitness programming

  • Online learning modules with lifetime access

  • Community & 1:1 support in a private app

  • Monthly office hours on zoom

Pay in full: $2497 (save $176!)

6 monthly payments: $447

9 monthly payments: $297

Limited Spots Available!


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